The easiest way to control your business

Discover easy management of customer, order, product / service management and accounting. For companies or freelancer.

No credit card, no installation or commitment required.

Performance Oriented Management

Easily manage customer transactions, order and product / service tracking, revenue and expense transactions, and report on your business growth performance.

Customer Transactions

Record and manage all the detailed information of your potential and active customers and companies. Prepare special offer forms for your customers.

Stock Management

Track stock movements for buying and selling products or services for your business.

Order Transactions

Track your customers orders. Manage your overdue, pending, and completed orders.

Accounting & Reporting

Track and report income and expenses of your business, sales transactions made to your customers, and monthly / year-based earnings. Create CV, Proposal form or contracts.



You can easily perform basic accounting, order and customer tracking of a job. This is very important for freelancers like us.


It was especially important to me which customers to work with. Its nice to be able to manage my profit and loss situation with a customer focus.


Order tracking is one of the most important things for my business. In this respect, it provides us with a number of convenience in order tracking.